A Five-Week Experiment to Elaborate on FAIR-Enabling Services

Yesterday, I proposed that a strategy for implementing the FAIR principles for research data management can focus on ensuring five FAIR-enabling services, which in turn will prompt tactical choices of FAIR-enabling resources that may satisfactorily address each question and thereby produce a comprehensive implementation profile. The purpose of such care in design is to de-risk one’s investment in “going FAIR”, as the cost of systems implementation and maintenance can easily exceed the cost of a design phase by an order of magnitude.

These FAIR-enabling services are, again:

  1. Identifying
  2. Validating
  3. Indexing
  4. Translating
  5. Tracing

Other than cursory remarks, I am yet to elaborate in any detail the behavior I expect from these services. I would like to remedy this over the next five weeks, one week per service, in the order given above.

And there is a constraint I would like to impose on myself: each week will be a five-day progression of notes that reflects the service sequence above. For example, during the first week (on Identifying), I will:

Is this five-week planned experiment ambitious? Yes? Is it too ambitious? Almost certainly yes. Will I attempt it anyway? Yes.

Would I appreciate your day-to-day feedback for course correction? Yes. And I would enthusiastically acknowledge your contribution when collecting and clarifying the sum of each week’s notes.

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