Crossing the Inter-Lab Chasm

Without enduring self-ideals, our [research] would lack coherence. As individuals, we’d never be able to trust ourselves to carry out our [protocols]. In a social group, no one person would be able to trust the others. A working society must evolve mechanisms that stabilize ideals – and many of the social principles that each of us regards as personal are really “long-term memories” in which our cultures store what they have learned across the centuries.

Your electronic lab notebook (ELN) and/or laboratory1 information management system (LIMS)2 embodies ideals in various implicit or explicit forms: data formats and validators, software transformation functions and tests, planning/recording/reporting document templates, etc.

Are these ideals siloed in your ELN/LIMS, or are they shared? If so, how, and is sharing robust?

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  1. whether “controlled physical / wet”, “field”, or “computer” laboratory ↩︎

  2. and you do have one, whether personal (and perhaps embarrassing), project-wide, lab-group-wide, institute-wide, etc. ↩︎