Validating Translation

Given a representation of (meta)data that dcterms:conformsTo some data profile, you may wish to translate it to another data profile.

If a resource is accesible from an HTTP server, then as a client you may negotiate the content representation in a standard way. Traditional content negotiation (aka “conneg”) is limited to file formats, aka syntax rather than semantics, but content negotiation by profile (aka “connegp”) can facililate translation.

There may be many ways to functionally specify data profile negotiation, i.e. translation. Ultimately, one functional profile is employed for a given instance of translation.

Thus, it seems that one way to “validate translation” would be to identify the functional profile employed and trace process outputs for conformance.

I’m really getting into weeds here, aren’t I? My insistence on exploring the cross product of {identifying,validating,indexing,translating,tracing} \(\times\) {identifiers,validators,indexers,translators,tracers} to elucidate FAIR-enabling services is a bit dizzying. I shall cautiously continue.