"We Need to Dockerize and Distribute Robert"

It does not help for you to think that inside yourself lies someone else who does your work. This notion of “homunculus” – a little person inside each self – leads only to a paradox since, then, that inner Self requires yet another movie screen inside itself, on which to project what it has seen! 1

the remote-control self
"The remote-control self" [1].

A thing with no parts provides nothing that we can use as pieces of explanation…Why are we tempted to embrace the strange idea that what we do is done by Someone Else – that is, our Self? Because so much of what our minds do is hidden from the parts of us that are involved with verbal consciousness. 1

then a miracle occurs
A Sidney Harris classic.

Design is taking things apart in order to be able to put them back together. 2 You must design the digital resources you archive and disseminate, so that you don’t “need to dockerize and distribute Robert” (overheard in a Slack room), which, of course, you can’t.

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